The main inspiration for the design of the
DOBRA 32 apartment building is crystal structure.
We wanted to crave the corner of the building like a precious stone. At the same time, we wanted to create an association with the formed by nature, simple and multi-layered crystal structure accompanied by walls of a clear geometry. The building is characterized by subdued colours and details which blend in with the neighbouring office buildings. Large and impressive glazing of the street-side facade was pulled back towards the balconies to provide an additional outer cover in the form of fixed and sliding openwork panels in order to protect the interior from excessive sunlight and overheating.
The structure of the building is divided into three distinctive elements: moved back and bright ground floor, floors of reoccurring structure which form the meticulously designed figure, three-dimensional openwork roofing. The height of the street-side facade from Zajęcza and Dobra streets matches the buildings in the immediate vicinity of the area and fits the architectural landscape of Powiśle.
It rears above the top floor of the building. Besides the abovementioned aesthetic and urban form, the roofing is first and foremost practical in its function - the expanded metal gives a soft shade to the large terraces that are available for the top two apartments.
The three-dimensional geometrical shape divided into triangular elements that are pitched at different angles add to the dramatic effect which may connote with the structural form of natural crystals or with the roofing of the Powiśle railway station that was designed by Arseniusz Romanowicz and Piotr Szymaniak.
Openwork roofing
Materials and the colour scheme
Materials and the
colour scheme
A wide range of materials was selected with the aim of creating a subdued background for the sculptural form and detailed facade as to create the atmosphere of luxury, strength and sophistication.
The colour scheme of the facade oscillates between the shades of graphite and anthracite. The facade will have a stone and sintered cladding of similar texture. Mobile facade panels, openwork roofing and other necessary elements of the facade and terraces will be made out of aluminium sheet lacquered with dark colours. The stone cladding on the ground floor will be intertwined with gold sheet metal. The similar finish will be put on rails of glass balconies and terraces.
The DOBRA 32 located at the crossroads of Zajęcza and Dobra streets.
It stands at the heart of the revitalisation of this side of Powiśle, close to the Copernicus Science Centre, University Library, temporary pavilion of the Museum of Modern Art and Elektrownia Powiśle complex that is currently under construction.
Elektrownia Powiśle
Elektrownia Powiśle
Bulwary Wiślane
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The standard of the building
The building Dobra32 is constructed with the utmost caution to the highest standards, employs new technologies and solutions that will provide high comfort of living.
The height guarantees the sense of space which adds to the high-class quality of the apartment. Windows fit the full height of each flat. Thanks to that the apartment has a lot of light and looks more impressive. All windows are soundproof, and provide calming silence inside the building. Also, the windows have an electronic opening system.
The height of the apartments is 292 cm.
Central air conditioning
In every apartment it is a solution that guarantees the right temperature in the house. The air conditioning is made in the form of duct fan coils hidden in the floor.
This modern solution simplifies access to all common spaces and single flats. All flats have electronic door locks that can be open with a card, not a key.
Electronic locks
Reception with concierge
Provides full comfort in handling correspondence, couriers and verifies all guests. Common spaces were built with the use of the highest quality materials and were designed by one of the best architectural studio in Poland - APA Wojciechowski.
Privacy guaranteed. The building has only 16 flats thanks to which the residents can cherish an intimate and cosy atmosphere.
The intimacy of the building
Storage rooms
And bicycle racks can be found in the underground additional space.
The underground garage has 23 parking spaces. We plan to install the advanced automatic parking system whereas traditional parking spaces will be at 2 levels of the underground garage.
Underground garage
High-speed elevator
High-speed elevator, made by OTIS company, with polyurethane-coated steel belts minimise the noise and vibration. The elevator moves at speed 1,75 m/s. The cabin will be made on our individual request according to the design that is consistent with the look of the reception and hallways.

The flats on the west side of the building will have a direct entrancefrom the elevator. The advanced access control system will ensure the safety and privacy of the residents who use this solution.

The central part of the facade from Zajęcza street has an entrance to the living area leading to the reception hall. Behind the glass wall, you will find the reception area with comfortable armchairs. All interior materials are natural and of high quality. They have been hand-picked in order to create an elegant and cosy area.
The interior of the entrance lobby as well as the staircase will have a finish made out of precious materials. We plan to use natural stones, wood, concrete and incorporate a touch of brass and sheet metal in a dark gold colour.
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The part of the building that contains residential units covers the floors from +1 to +6. On the south and west side of the building, that is from Dobra and Zajęcza streets, the main facade is hidden behind the continuous line of balconies. As to intensify the sense of space and depth of the facade as well as to provide the means of protection from excessive sunlight, we designed a composition of vertical and horizontal openwork panels. Some panels can be slid left and right, others can be slid aside to form a concertina. Thanks to this solution each resident can adjust the position of panels to their own preferences and needs.
The facade will have a lively look that changes during the day and under different weather conditions.
16 luxury apartments
We designed a couple of types of apartments that differ in size and interior. The smallest flats in our offer measure 43 m2, next we have medium-sized flats of 160 m2 and the largest flats of 325 m2.
Available apartments:
Apartment 121,53m 2
living room
59,48m 2
4,26m 2
bedroom 1
7,75m 2
7,71m 2
bedroom 2
19,72m 2
bedroom 3
16,29m 2
4,12m 2
14,12m 2
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Each flat has access to the balcony with the impressive in size glazing, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, often covering the whole wall. The windows function also as sliding doors which, with the assistance of fabulous weather, allow to connect the inside of the flat with the balcony area.
Larger in size flats will contain additional features such as a separate laundry room and walk-in wardrobe. Some may also have direct access to the elevator. The building has 18 apartments in total.
A few words about us
Powiśle BJK is a special-purpose vehicle formed for the purpose of implementing investments in the Powiśle district of Warsaw. It belongs to the BJK group - a family company that has been in the real estate market for almost 20 years. The companies of the BJK group invest mainly in commercial real estates in Warsaw and Śląsk: commercial premises on the main streets where the bank branches, chain stores and restaurants are located. Currently, BJK group is the owner of a dozen or so real estates and lands in Warsaw and Gliwice. The company's flagship project is the revitalization of the 19th-century tenement house and its conversion into a high-class office building. The building with a total useful floor area over 4000 m2, where international companies have their offices and branches, remains in the assets of the group for more than 10 years. 
The companies of the BJK group implement investments out of their own resources. This ensures stability regardless of economic situation or the condition of the financial sector. 
The company undertakes no more than 1 investment at a time. Thanks to that Management Board can give its full attention to a specific project and take care of every possible detail. So far, each of the implemented projects, regardless of its scale, remains unique and continues to be admired not only by tenants or new residents but also by the trade press and architectural publishing houses.
The company owns lands in the centre of Warsaw and in the surrounding area where we plan to undertake new office and residential investments. 
Construction start
Crevice Wall
Start: 10.2018
Crevice Wall
Finished: 11.2018
Foundation slab
Start: 11.2018
Foundation slab
Finished: 01.2019
The ceiling above level 0
Start: 02.2019
The ceiling above level 0
Finished: 03.2019
The ceiling above level +2
Start: 03.2019
The ceiling above level +2
Finished: 04.2019
The ceiling above level +4
Start: 04.2019
The ceiling above level +4
Finished: 05.2019
The ceiling above level +7
Window joinery
Sanitary and electrical installations
Start: 05.2019
The ceiling above level +7
Window joinery
Finished: 07.2019
Start: 07.2019
The ceiling above level +7
Window joinery
Finished: 07.2019
Screeds and floors
Finishing common areas
Elevators and parking systems
Start: 09.2019
Sanitary and electrical installations
Screeds and floors
Finished: 11.2019
Gotowe: 12.2019
White assembly
Start: 12.2019
Elevators and parking systems
Finishing the common areas
Finished: 01.2020
White assembly
Finished: 02.2020
End of Construction
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